Friday, 20 February 2015

Home Sweet Home

My Mum and Dad were still in Manchester for the weekend.

As they were here to treat me for my Birthday, it would be rude not to go for breakfast at Home Sweet Home!

I've blogged about their cake before but never the breakfast. So you're in for a good'un.

Your'e about to find out exactly why their cakes have been so 'bloggable' before..

Everyday there's more cake extravaganza to feast on - be it in house or to take away, back to the comfort of your own home.

Home Sweet Home (on the weekends especially) is not somewhere you can regularly pop in and just get a table on the spot.

It's no secret that they serve up some of the best grub in the Northern Quarter.

They're happy to take down your name and give you an estimated waiting time.

You're free to leave and come back OR pull up a chair at the breakfast bar with a milkshake while you wait.

Or a coffee for the more tired amongst yourselves.

Half an hour later we were seated and ready for them to bring on the food!

Breakfast Burrito for myself, Florentine for my Mum and Eggs Benedict for my Dad.

^ Aww, look how patiently my Dad is sitting while I blog their food!

Despite being happily full to the brim with caffeine and burrito, there's always room for cake!

One slice of Peanut-butter Crunch and two forks please!

I can't recommend Home Sweet Home enough - whether you live in and around Manchester or are planning to visit! 

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