Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Trinity Kitchen

Abbi's birthday was a few weeks ago but we hadn't got round to some serious celebrations until recently.

Regardless how much fun we had, I won't bore you with the details of the night out. It's Trinity Kitchen I want to talk about here.

This is probably the third time I've visited but when there is, what feels like, a hundred options how could you not keep going back?

 I've tried to mix it up every time I've been just to make sure I taste something new and also so my posts don't get too 'samey'!

Last time I ate Indian street food and the time before that I had Mexican with margaritas.

This time I went for Chicago Rib Shack (mainly because Abbi and Kerry wouldn't stop harping on about how amazing the chicken strips were)!

 I'm all for the chicken strippers when I treat myself to a Dominos but when I saw the pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries and peanut butter milkshake I had to ignore the girls and go with my gut (literally..).

 I think we all know who made the right decision that day! (Hint: ME!)

The pulled pork was perfect, the slaw on top was tangy and delicious and what was sprinkled over the sweet potato fries can only be described as magic.

As I said before, we were celebrating Abbi's birthday so it only seemed right to finish off with a cocktail.

Two frozen strawberry daiquiris from 360 Champagne and Cocktail Bar to be precise.

One for me and one for the birthday girl!

P.S Before we went to Trinity Kitchen, we'd been to STA Travel so FYI September blog posts are going to be pretty tip top!